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Dynamic Framework

The MDE'S dynamic research framework includes three major components: the dimension, the indicator, and the change instrument. The Framework is not static, and it will evolve over time to remain aligned with changes in factors that impact the public education system. The goal is to define a small number of research students based on the Mississippi State Board of Education Strategic Plan.

The dimensions are the keys perspectives through which MDE will focus its research development efforts. There are a total of four dimensions, and they include (1) high quality early learning, (2) college and career readiness, (3) educator preparation and professional development, and (4) educator recruitment, retention, and effectiveness.

The indicators are the most critical part of MDE's Research Framework. They represent the broad categories that will be used to measure or assess each of the four dimensions. These include Demographic Profiles, underserved populations, academic achievement, educational technologies, intervention strategies, innovation programs, school improvement, and behaviors.

The change instruments are factors that motivate the potential changes to the MDE Research Framework. These include: (1) laws, policies, and initiatives, (2) standards, instructions, and assessments, (3) education stakeholders (4) leadership, (5) partnerships, (6) research and innovation, and lastly, (7) funding sources and use.

Framework Component: