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Customer Support and Training


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MDE staff is encouraged to visit our Customer Support and Training intranet for additional resources.  Note that this is a restricted access site and thus may require you to log-in.


MDE Network Support

Email: for all network-related issues.


  • I can't log on to the network
  • I can't get my computer to boot
  • My computer is running slow

MDE Application Support

Email: for all MDE application related issues.


  • I can't log into MSIS
  • I can't access TIMS
  • I can't access MARS

MDE Self Service Reset Portal

Go to: to access the MDE Self Service Reset Portal to edit the following items:

  • Reset your password
  • Update your profile
  • Unlock your MDE account
  • Note: you have to be pre-registered to use this service.  If you have not, submit a support ticket to for assistance.