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Human Resources FAQ

Human Resources

How will my unused personal and medical (sick) leave be handled?

You will get paid for up to 240 hours of personal leave. Any personal leave in excess of the 240 hours and all medical (sick) leave will be rolled over and counted as credible service for retirement purposes.

Am I able to withdraw my PERS retirement contributions? If so, what is the process?

You must complete Form 5, Member Refund Application (enclosed). PERS will issue your refund after final wages and contributions are posted to your account, but no later than 90 calendar days from the date of separation from covered employment or from the date of receipt of the properly completed form(s) requesting the refund, whichever is later. If you are employed by more than one covered employer, the latest separation date will be used to determine the 90-day period.

When am I vested?

Vestation depends on your original date of hire with the State of Mississippi. You will need to contact PERS at or by calling 601-359-3589, 1-800-444-7377 or the MDE Office of Human Resources to determine your individual vesting requirements.

How do I receive money from my Deferred Compensation plan?

If applicable, you will have to contact MS Deferred Compensation at or call the voice response system toll free at (800) 846-4551 for information on your deferred compensation account.

Where do I get information about positions that are vacant in School Districts?

Applicants can contact the school district or school they are interested in working for to inquire about vacancies. Or applicants can visit the Mississippi Department of Education’s Educator Effectiveness webpage at and search for vacancies within in a particular school district.

When will I receive my personal leave refund check after I have been separated from employment?

Leave checks are processed the month following the separation date (example, employee's separation date is October 31, 2017, your leave check will be processed in the month of November 2017).

How will separation of employment affect my health insurance? Are my insurances portable?

Under certain circumstances, an employee may continue coverage under the group health insurance plan after separation for up to 18 months, or for qualified dependents (i.e. a child who has reached a certain age) for up to 36 months. This option, known as COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act), allows for this coverage to be continued if the cost is paid by the individual. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi provides COBRA eligibility information.

Continuation of additional insurances (cancer, dental, vision, etc.) are the responsibility of the employee. It is up to the employee to contact the representative who offered those plans, to obtain information on how to continue these coverages (Benefits List/Provider attached).

When does my health insurance coverage end/expire?

Coverage always expires at the end of the month of separation.

Am I eligible for unemployment benefits?

Yes. If, for reasons beyond their control, an employee becomes separated from his or her job, unemployment compensation may be available.