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Documents and Forms

OSI Program Monitoring Guidance Documentation

  • FY20 OSI Monitoring Tool (PDF)

2019 Comprehensive Needs Assessment Interview Template (PowerPoint)

Monitoring Implementation Plan (Word) (PDF) (PDF Writeable)

Revision Procedures

School Board Update 2020-2021 (Word) (PDF) (PDF Writeable) NEW

School Board Monthly Update 2019-2020 (Sample Guidance Document) (Word) (PDF) (PDF Writeable)

Schools At-Risk (SAR) 2019-2020 Action Plan (Word) (PDF) (PDF Writeable

MCAPS 1003 Application Guidance 

  • Supporting Schools Through MCAPS; 1003 Funding Application Process (PowerPoint)
  • FY21 MCAPS Guidance Document (PDF) NEW
  • FY20 MCAPS Guidance Document (PDF)
  • Indicators of Effective Practice Checklist (PDF)
  • FY20 and FY21 MCAPS Evidence-based Action Plan (Sample)
  • OSI MCAPS District Contact (PDF)

Parent Notification Letter (Word)