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Documents and Forms

2019 Comprehensive Needs Assessment Interview Template (PowerPoint)

Monitoring Implementation Plan (Word) (PDF) (PDF Writeable)

Revision Procedures

School Board Monthly Update (Sample Guidance Document) (Word) (PDF) (PDF Writeable)

Schools At-Risk (SAR) 2019-2020 Action Plan (Word) (PDF) (PDF Writeable

MCAPS 1003 Application Guidance 

  • Supporting Schools Through MCAPS; 1003 Funding Application Process (PowerPoint)
  • FY21 MCAPS Guidance Document (PDF) NEW
  • FY20 MCAPS Guidance Document (PDF)
  • Indicators of Effective Practice Checklist (PDF)
  • FY20 and FY21 MCAPS Evidence-based Action Plan (Sample)
  • OSI MCAPS District Contact (PDF)

Parent Notification Letter (Word)