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P-16 Community-Based Engagement Council

Guidelines for P-16 Community Engagement Councils Mission

Community Engagement Councils, also known as P-16 Councils, are an essential opportunity to build this process. The Community Engagement Councils are intended to be community-based and independent. The Councils are charged with the duty and responsibility to build strong, healthy communities. In order to build strong, healthy communities it is necessary, among other things, to create a quality public education delivered to students in healthy schools that are accessible to all children, regardless of race, class, status, gender or disability. Since these goals cannot be achieved within a year or two the Councils will need to develop a “comprehensive plan” that attempts to answer these two questions: a) “What will a strong, healthy community, rooted in a quality public education system, need to look like 10, 15 or 20 years from now? b) “What do we have to do this year, next year and the years that follow in order to build this process in the right direction?”

P-16 Guidance Documentation

  • Pilot:  Guidelines for P-16 Community Engagement Councils (Document)
  • How to Implement P-16 Community Engagement Council:  Answering Frequently Asked Question (Document)
  • A How To Guide for Establishing P-16 Community Engagement Councils: Building Your P-16  (Document)


October 2020

Maintaining an Effective P-16 Community Engagement Councils in a Virtual World.  (PowerPoint)

  • P-16 Community Engagement Council Implementation Timeline  (Document)


January 2020

Implementing Effective P-16 Community Engagement Council

Overview of P-16 Guidelines (Webinar)