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Mississippi State Board of Education Members

The Mississippi State Board of Education adopts rules and regulations and set standards and policies for the organization, operation, management, planning, budgeting and programs of the Mississippi State Department of Education.

The Board is made up of nine members. Each member is appointed according to the rules in the Mississippi Constitution. The Board appoints the State Superintendent of Education.

Mississippi Constitution rules require that the Mississippi Governor appoints one member from Mississippi's Northern Supreme Court District, one member from Mississippi's Central Supreme Court District, one member from Mississippi's Southern Supreme Court District, one member who is employed as a school administrator, and one member who is employed as a public school teacher. Additionally, the Lieutenant Governor shall appoint two members at-large, and the Speaker of the Mississippi House of Representatives shall appoint two members at-large.

Educational Priorities and Board Mission
In its role as a policymaker, the Board has a State Board of Education 5-Year Strategic Plan

Board Members

Glen East

Mr. Glen East, Chair
Term expires July, 2032
Administrator Representative


Dr. Ray Morgigno, Executive Secretary

Dr. Ray Morgigno, Executive Secretary
Interim State Superintendent of Education


Bill Jacobs

Mr. Bill Jacobs
Term expires July, 2024
At-Large Representative


Mary Werner

Mrs. Mary Werner
Term expires July, 2026
At-Large Representative


Charlie Fruge

Charlie Fruge'
Term expires April, 2024
Senior Student Representative
Oxford High School



Term expires July, 2030
Northern Supreme Court District Representative



Mr. Matt Miller

Mr. Matt Miller, Vice-Chair
Term expires July, 2029
Southern Supreme Court District Representative


Ronnie McGehee

Dr. Ronnie McGehee
Term expires July, 2028
At-Large Representative


Mr. Mike Pruitt

Mr. Mike Pruitt
Term expires July, 2031
At-Large Representative


Dr. Wendi Barrett

Dr. Wendi Barrett
Term expires July, 2027
Teacher Representative


Kate Riddle

Kate Riddle
Term expires April, 2025
Junior Student Representative
Lafayette High School


Matt Mayo headshot

Mr. Matt Mayo
Term expires July, 2025
Central Supreme Court District Representative



Postal mail for board members should be sent to the following address:
Mississippi Department of Education
Bureau of Public Reporting
P. O. Box 771
Jackson, MS 39205-0771