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Mississippi Succeeds Plan


    The Mississippi Succeeds Plan for the Every Student Succeeds Act reflects many of the state’s educational priorities stated in the Mississippi State Board of Education’s 5-Year Strategic Plan by:

    • Increasing student growth and proficiency in all tested areas through strong academic standards, professional development, accountability and state support
    • Focusing on educational equity through increased access and opportunities for all students to close opportunity and achievement gaps
    • Ensuring high-quality classroom instruction and school leadership through professional development and meaningful feedback from educators
    • Setting the expectation that every student graduates from high school and is ready for college and career
    • Expanding access to high-quality early learning opportunities for our 4-year old students
    • Using data effectively to make decisions in the best interests of students
    • Supporting and improving underperforming schools through local and state technical assistance, interventions and support for struggling students


    Long-Range Goals
    • As a long-term goal, Mississippi aims to eliminate the proficiency gap between Black students and all students entirely, as the overall student proficiency rate increases to 70% by 2027.
    • As a long-term goal, Mississippi aims to close the graduation rate gap between students with disabilities and all students. This gap will be reduced to 20%, as the overall graduation rate increases to 90% by 2027.
    • As a long-term goal, Mississippi aims to have 70% of English learners making expected progress toward English language proficiency by 2027.



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      Results of Higher Expectations
      • Pre-K students in Mississippi’s Early Learning Collaboratives achieve at higher levels each year.
      • Kindergartners meeting end-of-year target scores  increase annually.
      • Third graders pass reading test on the first try at increasing rates.
      • Overall student achievement is increasing annually in both English language arts and Mathematics.
      • Number of students taking Advanced Placement exams and passing nearly doubled since 2013.
      • Mississippi’s graduation rate is at an all-time high. 
      • More students are taking dual credit courses and earning national certifications.