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Low Performing Schools and Schools At-Risk 

Low Performing Schools and Schools At-Risk

In an effort to provide individualized guidance and assistance to schools that received an “F” accountability rating, the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE facilitates a process wherein districts/schools that did not demonstrate improvement to a “D” or better in 2017 discussed the previously implemented, school board approved SAR Plan of Action to address strengths, deficiencies, challenges, and next steps for improving student outcomes.

Federal and State Expectations

  • By state law we are required to conduct an evaluation, provide assistance and report on those schools that are in need of improvement (MS Code 37-18-3 and 37-18-5).

  • By federal law we are required to continue to provide support for interventions in schools that are identified as Priority or Focus.

  • By State Board of Education goals, we are required to support every school/district so that they can improve to an accountability rating of “C” or higher.

Low Performing Schools

Schools At-Risk

2017-2018 Focus, Priority, and SIG Schools