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2020-2021 Adoption List

Pre-K Comprehensive

Please refer to the Pre-Kindergarten Comprehensive Curriculum Results for Children Ages Three and Four Executive Summary listed above for an explanation of individual curriculum scores.

  • Creative Curriculum for Teachers (Teaching Strategies LLC)
  • Three Cheers for Pre-K (Savvas Learning)
  • Frog Street Pre-K 2020 English Comprehensive Curriculum (Frog Street)
  • Get Set for School Pre-K (Learning Without Tears)
  • QuaverEd Pre-K All in one Classroom Set (QuaverED)

English/Language Arts, Reading

Grades K-2

Grades 3-5

Grades 6-8

Grades 9-12 (Core)

Grades 9-12 (Electives/Advanced Placement)

  • Foundations of Journalism / Print Journalism
    Publishing Across Media (Goodheart Wilcox)
  • Broadcast Journalism
    Television Production Broadcast Journalism (Goodheart Wilcox)
  • Advanced Placement
    Literature and Composition 2nd Edition AP for Grade 12 (Bedford, Freeman, Worth)
    Language and Composition 3rd Edition AP for Grade 11 (Bedford, Freeman, Worth)
    Advanced Language and Literature for Grade 10 (Bedford, Freeman, Worth)