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Learning-at-Home Resources for Families

Years of research have shown how important the continuation of learning during the summer is to all students. The Mississippi Department of Education, along with the Mississippi Library Commission and Mississippi Public Broadcasting, challenges districts and parents/guardians to continue the learning so that ALL students are prepared for the 2021-2022 school year. Make summer learning fun and engaging by participating in the local public library’s summer reading program, watching informational shows on MPB, or using our high-quality resources to help ALL our students RISE to the challenge. To all these materials, click on the grade level buttons below.

Summer Reading

There are several different ways to engage students in reading this summer. The Mississippi public libraries are hosting activities based on the 2021 Summer Reading theme – Tails and Tales – which celebrates all the animals that roam the lands and soar through the skies. Students (birth to fifth grade) and parents/guardians can visit the Strong Readers, Strong Leaders website ( to find additional reading and writing activities to help RISE to the summer learning challenge.

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Important Links:

  • Click this link to find out what summer reading events are happening at your public library: MS Public Library Directory
  • Through August, students can participate in Camp Book It! This free summer reading program will engage students through various activities. To enroll, visit: Camp BOOK IT! Summer Reading Program.