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High-Quality Instructional Materials

We define High-Quality Instructional Materials (HQIM) as materials that are aligned with the Mississippi College- and Career-Readiness Standards, externally validated, comprehensive, and include engaging texts (books, multimedia, etc.), problems, and assessments. 

High-quality instructional materials build teacher's content knowledge. When teachers are stronger in their content knowledge, they are able to identify high-quality materials for classroom use, discover ways to adapt lessons for their students and increase their confidence in classroom instruction. 

Research shows that students in general gain months of learning when teachers use stronger instructional materials. Additional research shows that students in low-income schools were likely to be exposed to weaker math content and materials that were not aligned with standards. So, if students are given access to high-quality instruction and materials the achievement gap should be diminished. Finally, there is ample research to show that adopting high-quality materials is not only effective but also cost-neutral.  It is no more expensive then current materials and many materials are available online for free!

HQIM Pilot

As we implement the HQIM- PL initiative over the next 2-3 years, we will identify approximately 18 districts that will receive intensive MS-CCRS training on tools and processes for thoroughly reviewing resources for alignment and quality and create a list of vetted materials for distribution. Statewide, teachers in the pilot districts will provide training for other educators on the tools, processes and thereby create greater awareness. All educators will have access to a list of vetted, aligned materials, resources, professional learning through a dedicated webpage. Additionally, we will begin work with the Office of Teaching and Leading and IHL to ensure pre-service teachers exit programs with an understanding of quality.