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MSIS Manuals

These manuals and instructions has been compiled to assist the District/School staff working on personnel and student data in securing quality data for the district. Persons in this category may include school principals, alternative school directors, Special Education supervisors, Gifted Education supervisors, Vocational Education supervisors, Title I Coordinators, or any other individual designated to compile personnel and student records. The Personnel and Student Coordinator will distribute information and respond to problems encountered by those assisting in the data collection task. The responsibility for the quality of the data should be shared with school principals and program area supervisors who are more knowledgeable about the work assignments of staff under their supervision.

MSIS Personnel Manuals/Instructions consist of:

  • Personnel and Reference Manuals/Chapters
  • Non Public Personnel and Reference Manuals/Chapters
  • Course Codes
  • MSIS Special Education
  • National Board Instructions
  • Summer Program Report¬†
  • Reports

MSIS Student Manuals/Instructions consist of:

  • Student Manual/Chapters
  • Federal Program Manuals
  • Incidents & Dispositions
  • Reports
  • Transfer Codes
  • Race/Ethnicity
  • Lunch Data
  • Summer Activity