Priority Schools: Requirements


LEA and School:

  • Parent notification explaining designation as priority school

  • Set aside of up to 20 percent of District’s Title I basic funds which must be used to implement intensive interventions at the identified priority school(s) that address all turnaround principles and are aligned with the comprehensive needs assessment (Transformation Plan)

  • Conduct comprehensive needs assessment

  • Develop and implement a Transformation Plan that is aligned with turnaround principles; addresses areas of deficiency; defines continuous improvement objectives and a system for continuous monitoring and evaluation of the school’s transformation plan

  • Establish annual goals for leading and lagging (achievement) indicators

  • Approval of the Transformation Plan by the local school board

  • Establish a Community Council that meets consistently and actively participates in the school transformation process

  • Develop a teacher and principal evaluation system that includes student achievement as a significant component

  • Implement Mississippi SOARS/Indistar online system for planning, monitoring, and reporting progress

  • Establish an office/staff within the LEA to provide oversight for the implementation and ongoing monitoring of the school’s transformation plan

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