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The Education Enhancement Fund Procurement Card Program

Pursuant to Mississippi Code Section 37-61-33(3)(iii), As Amended, this policy provides rules and regulations for the administration of Education Enhancement Funds appropriated for classroom supplies, materials and equipment to be distributed to all eligible teachers within the state through the use of procurement cards. The intent of the policy is to allow individual teachers to expend such funds, as they deem appropriate, to support the overall goals of the school. Classroom supply funds may not be expended for administrative purposes. These funds may only be used to supplement, not replace, other local and state funds available for the same purpose. 

On or before September 1 of each year, local school districts shall determine and submit to the State Department of Education the number of teachers eligible to receive an allocation for the current year. The term "teacher" shall mean any employee of the school district who is required by law to obtain a teacher's license from the State Board of Education and is assigned to an instructional area of work, but shall not include a federally funded teacher. The term "teacher" includes all licensed regular teachers and licensed state or locally funded special education teachers, vocational teachers, gifted teachers, counselors and librarians.

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