Frequently Asked Questions

Family & Community Services FAQ

  • How can parents become involved in school health?

  • Who regulates the school lunch program?

  • How can a parent contribute to an increased amount of physical activity in the school setting?

  • Why do school buses not have seatbelts?

  • Should parents be involved in school safety planning?

  • Do all school districts have alternative schools?

  • Are school facilities available for public use?

  • What is coordinated school health?

  • Why implement a coordinated approach to school health?

  • Are there any state policies that support coordinated school health?

  • What are the requirements for Physical Education?

  • Should all students be allowed to take physical education?

  • What are the requirements for Comprehensive Health Education?

  • What are the state standards for Mississippi?

  • Can a regular classroom teacher teach health education in grades K-8?

  • How does an individual become licensed and/or certified to drive and school bus?

  • Are school safety plans required for local school districts?

  • What are the minimum standards for school buses?

  • Are there guidelines for school building construction?

  • Are there funds available for school building construction?

  • What resources does the Office of Child Nutrition provide to school food service programs regarding healthy choices?

  • Who can participate in the Summer Food Service Program?

  • What are some of the common practices for school food service staff and programs during a crisis situation?

  • How does a student become eligible for participation in the free and reduced school lunch and breakfast program?

  • Is there a policy regarding the sales of food outside the school lunch and breakfast program?

  • Is the Food Service Administrator responsible for the development and implementation of the Local School Wellness Policy?

  • What are the guidelines for dealing with students in an emergency situation when body fluids are present?

  • Are there resources available to assist school districts with the development of policies regarding communicable diseases?

  • What is the state standard for any sex related education taught in Mississippi public schools?

  • What are the responsibilities of the EPSDT nurse?

  • How does the EPSDT support academic achievement?

  • Who can administer medication at the local school site?

  • Does a school need to have an established clinic for an EPSDT nurse?

  • What are the allowable expenditures for Title IV funding?

  • What programs do Title IV support?

  • Is there information available regarding the success of Title IV programs?

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