Private School Consultation

School district officials must have ongoing and meaningful consultation with appropriate private school officials to notify them of the intent and purpose of Title I. Under Title I, local educational agencies (LEAs) are required to maintain written affirmation signed by an official for each participating private school that the required consultation has occurred.

The goal of the consultation process is to design and implement a program that will provide equitable services and meet the needs of eligible private school students and/or teachers and other education personnel. The required consultation must continue throughout the implementation and assessment of activities. This ongoing process can address the following questions:

  • How are children’s needs identified?
  • What services will be offered?
  • How where and by whom will services be provided?
  • How will the services be evaluated?
  • How will the results of the evaluation be used to improve those services?
  • What is the amount of funds available for services?
  • What is the district complaint process?

The scope of the Title I services provided to eligible students in a private school should be comparable (but not necessarily identical in nature) to those provided to eligible students in public schools. The number of eligible students, available funding and the nature of student needs will determine services.
The participating private school (some may choose not to participate) must provide required data to the school district to enable the district to calculate the total amount of funds available for services. Individual students, not schools, are eligible for services.

The school district, in consultation with private school officials, administers the agreed upon program–it may not delegate responsibility for program planning, design and implementation to private school officials or staff.

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