Educator Licensure

Office of Educator Misconduct

The Office of Educator Misconduct, within the Office of Educator Licensure, has several responsibilities:

  • Providing professional development to promote ethical conduct by all licensed, public school educators in Mississippi, as detailed in the MS Educator Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct.
  • Preparing for, as well as scheduling, hearings before the Commission on Teacher and Administrator Education, Certification and Licensure and Development when an educator has acted unethically.
  • Communicating with courts, districts, and educators, when violations of the MS Educator Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct and/or MS Code Section 37-3-2 (11)or (12) are reported.
  • Evaluating licensure applications from applicants who have violated MS Code Section 37-3-2-(11) and scheduling hearings if needed.
  • Reporting MS educators/applicants whose licenses have been surrendered, suspended, revoked, and/or denied to other state agencies. 


Contact Information:

James Thompson, Director

Educator Licensure – Office of Educator Misconduct
601-359-2742 Main number
Office of Educator Licensure     P.O. Box 771     Jackson, MS 39205-0771     Phone: (601) 359-3483     Fax: (601) 359-2778

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