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The Office of Compulsory School Attendance Enforcement is responsible for ensuring that all Mississippi students are afforded the opportunity to attend school and to enforce the Mississippi Compulsory School Attendance Law §37-13-91 of the Mississippi Code 1972 Annotated. The law governs compulsory school attendance. It requires a parent, legal guardian or custodian who has legal control or charge of a child age six (6) to seventeen (17) to enroll him or her in an education program (i.e. public, private or home school). Student enrollment must occur except under the limited circumstances specified in subsection three (3) of §37-13-91 which includes, but are not limited to, sending the child to a state approved, nonpublic, or educating the child at home in an organized educational program. July 1, 2003, the law was amended to include the following: a child, five (5) years of age, who enrolls in public kindergarten, will have to abide by the same guidelines as outlined in the §37-13-91.

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Compulsory School Attendance Enforcement

Mandated Reporter- 15 Minute Overview of Child Abuse and Neglect Requirements

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