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The mission of the MS Department of Education (MDE) Office of Compliance is to develop and sustain a strong and consistent culture of statutory, regulatory, and ethical compliance throughout the agency. The Office of Compliance ensures the integrity of agency contracts; conducts program office reviews to ensure compliance with agency policies and procedures as well as applicable state and federal laws and regulations; detects, addresses, and reports allegations of misconduct; monitors the timely completion of corrective action plans resulting from internal, state, and/or federal audits; and ensures employees have the resources and training necessary to comply with applicable laws and regulations. The Compliance Officer serves as the agency’s Internal Control Administrator working with executive leadership and management to identify and mitigate risks identified by Internal Audit that could impact the internal control system. The Compliance Officer reports directly to the MDE Chief Operations Officer (COO).

As public servants, there is a responsibility to the citizens of this state to conduct business with integrity, honesty, and accountability. Section 11 of the MDE Employee Policy and Procedures Manual describes the ethical obligation of all MDE employees. The most important thing that can be done if there is a genuine concern about unethical, inappropriate, or illegal behavior is to speak up. To electronically report any suspected fraudulent activity, MDE employees may complete and submit the Fraud, Waste and Abuse form. The form will be directed to the Compliance Officer for review and investigation. NOTE: State law grants certain protections to whistleblowers, and any retaliation against employees who report suspected fraud, waste and abuse is strictly prohibited (Miss. Code Ann. § 25-9-173).


Suspected fraud, waste and abuse may be reported directly to the Office of the State Auditor through their website at The electronic form is located at



Kym Wiggins

Compliance Officer