About the Mississippi Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics

  1. Standards are learning goals. They provide you with a clear understanding of what students are expected to learn at every grade level and serve as a roadmap to quality education.

  2. These standards have been evaluated and approved by Mississippi teachers. In fact, 91 percent of teachers and 96 percent of school administrators who reviewed the standards approved of them.

  3. Expectations are consistent for all and not dependent on a student’s zip code, which means all students across this state are held to the same high standards. Consistent learning goals for all students ensures equity across the state.

  4. High standards will not only improve what students learn, but how they learn by teaching critical-thinking, problem solving and effective communication skills. Together with highly trained, well-supported teachers and aligned, meaningful assessments, the standards will better prepare our students to achieve in K-12 and beyond.

  5. We have shifted from “what’s taught” to “what students need to be able to do” to succeed in the future. We want students to solve problems, manage themselves, adapt to change, analyze, reflect on performance, communicate, work in teams, and innovate. By the way, all of those skills many of you use every day in your work.

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