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Student Representatives of the Mississippi State Board of Education

On May 17, 2018, the Chair of the State Board of Education requested the State Superintendent to appoint staff to develop a Student Representative program for the State Board, following a report given by Dr. John Kelly on student advisory programs that have been successfully implemented by 15 state boards of education.

State Board Policy Part 2, Chapter 2, Rule 2.3 – Student Representatives of the Mississippi State Board of Education has been created to implement a student program to ensure that student viewpoints are heard. Board-appointed Student Representatives will serve as spokesmen for Mississippi students in policy decisions that directly influence them. Student Representatives will develop a thorough understanding of current educational issues, State laws, policies, and regulations and will communicate with high school students statewide. Although Student Representatives will be non-voting participants in board meetings, they will have a voice through actively engaging in the discussions of the State Board of Education by listening, observing and providing meaningful input. Additional duties and responsibilities of the student position are outlined in the board policy.

Eligible public high school students (includes charter schools) will be recruited statewide through a competitive application process defined in board policy. Following a rigorous interview and selection process, Student Representatives will be appointed by the State Board.