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Mississippi Innovation Lab Network (MS-ILN)

The MS Innovation Lab Network (MS-ILN) will be a network of approved districts that pilot, scale, and improve student-centered approaches to learning, including personalized, competency-based, and anytime/anywhere learning. Districts will collaborate in learning communities to implement policies and improve practices to support underserved students. The network and membership for joining the network has no cost associated with it, but it does require a commitment from district administrators and teachers, district superintendents, and local school boards to join and receive support for their work.
This process will be modeled after the CCSSO ILN network of which MS is now a participant. Support will also be offered through CCSSO. We have been awarded a small seed grant to support the MS-ILN work. Districts may join the MS-ILN through a letter of commitment.
In establishing the MS-ILN, we are requesting the authority to grant selected waivers for districts participating in the MS-ILN. The waiver(s) will allow for removing barriers that might exist in implementing certain strategies in the district designed to improve learning. Outcomes from the pilot will provide guidance in making changes to the MS Public School Accountability Standard process standards.
The MS-ILN process will also be used to identify Districts of Innovation participants. A district that wishes to be identified as a District of Innovation will be invited to participate in the MS-ILN one year prior to making application for District of Innovation status. This one-year period allows collaboration with participating Districts of Innovation and the MDE to provide technical assistance to the district and to evaluate the district’s readiness to be titled a District of Innovation.

MS Innovation Lab Network


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