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The Mississippi Curriculum Framer is a tool to help you step up to the challenge embodied in the Mississippi curriculum frameworks and the state assessments.  The Curriculum Framer is a custom-developed database that provides model curriculum units for language arts and math on-line and in print.  The Framer provides instructional units that model the teaching for understanding that is required for success in meeting the learning expectations in the curriculum frameworks and on state assessments.

The instructional units are presented in the Understanding by Design model.  First, the desired learning outcomes are defined.  These learning outcomes are defined in terms of the curriculum framework expectations as well as the big understandings that students should get out of the learning in addition to the specific knowledge and skills.  Second, each unit provides performance tasks that assess how well students have reached the desired learning outcomes.  These assessment tasks will challenge students to demonstrate that they understand the learning goals and can apply what they have learned.  Third, each unit provides an instructional plan for reaching the desired learning outcomes.  The Curriculum Framer also draws attention to the ways in which the curriculum is a coherent whole, rather than simply a collection of elements.  The Framer is more than a mapping of the curriculum.  It provides a structure for thinking about future curriculum and instruction in effective ways.

It is important to note what The Mississippi Curriculum Framer is not.  The Framer is not a scripted curriculum.  In fact, The Framer honors teachers as professionals and expects that teachers will use their knowledge of pedagogy as well as their understanding of their students' strengths and weaknesses to continually make adjustments in the delivery of instruction and to the unit, as needed.  The Framer is not a pacing guide either.  While The Framer does provide guidance about planning instructional time, it is not intended to be implemented without consideration of students learning needs and feedback based on formative assessments.  The Framer is not required to be implemented as a whole.  The individual parts of The Framer as well as the whole of it serve primarily as a model.  Therefore, individual pieces such as teaching events can be implemented as stand alone, or a unit in its entirety can be implemented. 

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