Section 5: Technology

5.1 The Role of the Librarian/Library in the Technology Program                         School Library Guide p. 50
Technology continues to change the role of today’s school librarian. Once the ‘stereotyped librarian’ who dealt primarily with books, the 21st century school librarian now serves as an information specialist and often as the link between library patrons and the unlimited access to information and knowledge available to them.

5.2 Creating a Technology-Rich Environment           
                                                School Library Guide p. 52
The 21st century school librarian designs the library program with a new and improved concept of the school library’s space and its resources. The school librarian has a unique opportunity to offer customized, 24/7, relevant, and authentic service and instruction.

Technology-Related Activity Tools

5.3 Technology Resources and Training Opportunities                                           School Library Guide p. 53
Technology resources are available for school librarians to meet emerging 21st century skills. The role of the librarian continues to evolve, and technology is the driver behind the evolution of research skills.

Technology Resources Links

5.4 Technology Professional Associations/Conferences                                       School Library Guide p. 54
A school librarian’s participation in professional technology associations and attendance at technology-related conferences cannot be understated.

Technology Professional Links

5.5 Makerspaces in School Libraries                                                                           School Library Guide p. 55
Makerspaces are part of a growing movement of hands-on learning environments to make and remake the physical and digital worlds. These spaces promote invention, creation and STEM learning.

Makerspace Resources

5.6 Cataloging Digital Resources                                                                                  School Library Guide p. 56
Standard 18.1 and 18.2 state that the school library has an organized collection of materials and equipment that represent a broad range of current learning media. This includes having those resources in an automated system that allows equitable access to students and staff.

Digital Resources

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